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Don’t Blame Capitalism

by on Jul.02, 2015, under Do the Math, Logic / Fallacies

When capitalism is left alone to function cleanly, it works.

In the U.S., for at least 27 years now, capitalism has been hampered by all manner of government intervention and story telling.

“As documented in Parts 1-3 (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3), the Fed has generated a $50 trillion financial bubble since Alan Greenspan took the helm in August 1987. After 27 years, honest price discovery has been destroyed, thereby reducing the nerve centers of capitalism—-the money and capital markets—-to little more than gambling casinos.”

The real unemployment rate in the U.S. today is much closer to 42.9% than the reported 5.5%. Stockman’s approach to calculating this is very straightforward. How many potential work hours are available from the work-age population, and how many are actually fulfilled. If you have been paying attention at all, you would recognize that with 90+ million Americans no working, the real unemployment rate can’t possibly be 5.5%.

Read David Stockman’s article…

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48% of Women are Childfree

by on Jul.01, 2015, under Do the Math

The number of childfree women is at a record high: 48 percent of women between the ages of 18 and 44 don’t have kids, according to 2014 Census numbers.

So, there will be roughly half as many kids as might be expected to pay off our $17 trillion debt.


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Population Bomb

by on Jul.01, 2015, under Consequences, Do the Math

Remember the population scare from the 60s/70s? Right.

It’s important to remember this crap so when you’re listening to the doom scenarios the left puts out if we don’t solve the problem the way they see it, your BS-meter will go off.

Like with climate change.

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Full-on Persecution is Near

by on Jun.29, 2015, under Consequences, Do the Math, Truisms

Full-on persecution of Christians in the U.S. is coming. Already “we” applaud Bruce Jenner for being himself, but can’t let Tim Tebow express himself. Gay marriage is in, and Christian opinion on the matter is marginalized. The First Amendment has been chipped; don’t expect it to take too long to bust it up entirely. Tax-exempt status for churches and other religious-based nonprofits is among the next targets. I don’t know about “the end of times”, but I can see the end of the American experiment from here. And it’s just sad.

You see, the government cannot abide the notion that there may be a “higher authority” for right and wrong. Who are you, or Who is Your God, to say what is right or wrong. Make no mistake, the government will tell you what’s right or wrong, and you will be made to care.

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If you can’t do the math…

by on Jun.10, 2015, under Do the Math

… get out of the equation. [Hillary Duff, The Math Lyrics, on the album Metamorphosis (2003)]

Good rule of thumb even beyond relationships. Put another way, if the math escapes you, no wonder your answers make no sense. Here’s another line that will put fear in the heart of most self-righteous utopians: “show me your work”.

Corollaries: If you don’t have skin in the game, shut up. If you can’t think it through all the way, shut up.

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Look at Detroit

by on Jun.04, 2015, under Do the Math, Principles, Truisms

If you want to see where 50 years of leftist utopia crap takes you, look at Detroit:
There are those pushing policies that would take the entire country this way.

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Give and Take

by on Apr.03, 2015, under Do the Math, Truisms

The government can only give to someone what it has taken from someone else.

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Get Rich. And Quickly.

by on Feb.26, 2015, under Do the Math

It’s pretty clear to me that the American government is going to grow and grow and grow, and drift left and left and left as it does. “Regular Americans” are toast; actually, chattel. There will be the in-crowd rich, and there will be poor. And not much in between. The very principles that created a vibrant middle class, you know, the “old white guy” stuff from the 18th century (you might as well say Middle Ages to true believers), are in deep dog doodoo. Limited government, freedom, liberty, capitalism, you know, that stuff. It’s all going down the crapper at lightning speed.

I ponder every day whether the boat can be turned at this point. Lately, I answer myself with a no. What it’s going to take now is similar to what it takes for an addict. We’ve got to hit rock bottom before we wake up and do something about our plight (which we put ourselves in). That’ll take a while. We’ve created much wealth over the 250+ years, and it will take some time to deplete it all. But depleted it will become. Physics wins every time. So does doing the math.

Shortly after coming to this conclusion (and I go back and forth a lot), I get to the next logical spot. Get rich. Get rich ASAP. It’ll be your only defense.

To those who fought the good fight, good luck. To those who supported big government (knowingly or not), good luck at the Pearly Gates; you’ll need much.

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The Poor are still Poor

by on Oct.15, 2014, under Do the Math, Truisms

Since the Great Society and with some 22 trillion dollars spent on the War on Poverty, poverty still exists in roughly the same percentages as it did then.

Big, centralized government is not the answer.

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CO2 is NOT a Pollutant

by on Oct.02, 2014, under Do the Math, Ethics / Morality

This may be hard to swallow, particularly if you get most of your info from the mainstream media. But it’s true nonetheless: CO2 is not a pollutant.

It’s a mainstay for life on this planet. Ever hear of the carbon cycle? It’s what animals (including humans) breath out, it fuels the metabolism of plants, and it’s recycled on a grand scale by geologic processes.

And contrary to a common misconception, CO2 levels do not lead global temperatures, they follow them. Generally, CO2 levels go up AFTER global temperatures go up, and CO2 levels go down AFTER global temperatures go down.

Controlling carbon levels, carbon credits, etc. are total hooey, a total waste of resources that would be far better spent on real problems.

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