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“Judge Not” – Bull Crap

by on Jan.22, 2015, under Character, Ethics / Morality

Heck yes, I’m going to be judgmental. We have to be. We make survival judgments all day long. And we should.

Whether we’re perfect or not.

I saw a post that said, “Before you judge me, make sure you’re perfect.” Don’t count on it, sister. If you’re coming at me with a weapon, I’m going to judge you to be a threat and do whatever possible to stop you, including the use of lethal force. Whether I’m perfect or not.

If you’re a thief, I’m going to judge you accordingly. Whether or not I’m perfect. If you lie, I will judge you to be a liar. Whether or not I’m perfect.

In fact, I know I’m not perfect. But that is not going to slow me down making judgments throughout the day that hopefully will support my life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

I will judge you. And I stand ready to be judged.

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Playing by the Rules

by on Jan.19, 2015, under Ethics / Morality, Logic / Fallacies, Principles

Rush Limbaugh made an interesting point recently. What if the rules of politics were as respected and as adhered to as rules in sports? You break a rule in sports and you get penalized, almost immediately. Everyone respects the rule books. It’s what makes the game fair. You know, the “even playing field.”

Not so in politics. Politicians lie left and right. And with virtually no consequences. In fact, often to their advantage. One politician I could name owes millions to the IRS and nobody seems to care, nothing happens to penalize this politician.

What if… What if we demanded that our politicians play by the rules?! Say the rules of law including the Constitution. What if there were real consequences that set the offender back a few yards. I have a dream…

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Who Suffers the Consequences ?

by on Jan.19, 2015, under Truisms

I like the way Ayn Rand puts it:

“If a businessman makes a mistake, he suffers the consequences. If a bureaucrat makes a mistake, you suffer the consequences.”

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Ask not!

by on Jan.01, 2015, under Character

Here’s the resolution I would offer to everyone in the country…

“Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.” (JFK)

What a different world it would be.

If only spirits like that dominated.

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