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Planned Puppyhood

by on Jul.31, 2015, under Ethics / Morality

If it had been Planned Puppyhood selling puppy parts, it would have been shut down the next day.

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I’ll Give Up My Bill…

by on Jul.28, 2015, under Character, Ethics / Morality, Principles

…If you give up yours.

My Bill is Cosby. Definitely a childhood memory. A great one. I went to bed listening to records (not recordings) of his comedy. Going to the dentist. Racing go carts. And who could forget Noah and “who’s gonna clean up that mess down there?” He holds a doctorate in education. I read several of his books; good stuff.

Some of you are/were Bill Clinton fans. Guess what? Turns out neither particularly deserves our respect. Bill Cosby fooled me. Bill Clinton did not.

I have to give you some leniency here about Bill Clinton. Though his womanizing was far more public, he had far more people and organizations giving him cover. The media, the feminists, the Dems, for example. His own wife, amazingly. And he was doing such great things for the country, how could we let a little thing like destroying women for his own sexual pleasure get in the way. (That last line was sarcastic if you didn’t catch it.)

I’ll double down. I’ll not only give up Cosby, but I’ll give up all his supporters as well – if you give up Clinton and all his. Deal?

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Wake Up, Youngins

by on Jul.28, 2015, under Consequences, Constitution

You’re being ripped off. That is, your future is being ripped off. Just 8 years ago you only owed about $10 trillion. That will double to about $20 trillion by the time Obama leaves office. Those of you just coming into your 20s and 30s – how long do you think that can go on before some consequences hit you between the eyes. Hell, I’m 60-something and I still may see the consequences!

That would be bad enough, but you’re also quickly losing freedoms such that it will be difficult to be productive enough to fund government as it stands let alone make a dent in that debt.

Good luck.

P.S. I tried my damndest to support Constitutionally limited government. There weren’t many folks out there to vote for in that regard. And I got snookered a couple times (so sue me, it’ll happen to you, too, if you don’t pay attention).

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Gotta Bottom Out First

by on Jul.22, 2015, under Consequences, Truisms

Much like with a drug addiction, our state and our nation will have to “bottom out” before people will wake up. And as you know, not everyone learns their lesson from “bottoming out.” Some never learn. In either case, it’s just a matter of how bad bottom is. I fear we have way too many people who think the socialistic government can continue without consequence.

Come to think it, has any country come back to freedom and individual accountability from a socialistic malaise?

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“That Can’t Possibly Be True”

by on Jul.21, 2015, under Truisms

Part of the problem is that evil is so evil that normal, rational, decent people can’t believe anyone could possibly do anything that heinous. “No one would lie over and over like that.” “What doctor could ever do an abortion like that?” “Who would destroy a friend’s life to cover up his own stuff?” “Why would anyone want to destroy America?” “Who would dare trample the Constitution like that; you’re exaggerating.”

Evil exists. And it’s hard to understand. But, for your own good, wake up. Get a grip. Evil won’t stop on its own. Good people must stop it.

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Wow, I’m Impressed

by on Jul.21, 2015, under Truisms

The government in general and Obama in particular can get much done when they put their minds to it. And with the media at their sides, they are virtually unstoppable.

Problem is, none of what they got done is good for the country. Oh, they make many special interest groups and other minorities happy with worthless platitudes and free stuff. But the cost to the system as a whole is crushing the system as a whole.

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Obama “Over Reaches”

by on Jul.20, 2015, under Constitution

Thanks for documenting these “over reaches”, Ted. And please notice, this is only 2 of 5. Could we just abide by the Constitution? Why does that seem so hard to support?



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Nature Doesn’t Care

by on Jul.17, 2015, under Do the Math

And it’s not “Mother” Nature, either. Or if it is, she doesn’t give a rat’s you know what. Or maybe it’s “Nature’s a Mother”. In any case, nature goes where it goes. Survival of the fittest. Nor rules. Oh wait, there are some rules. Physics. And no second chances. Doesn’t matter if you show your work. If you get the right answer, you’re OK. If not, you’re dead – no need to review how you got to the wrong answer. Survival of the fittest. Unless there’s an asteroid impact. I guess you could say the asteroid was more fit.

Liberalism (socialism, communism, etc.) only works in a utopia (which doesn’t exist, can’t exist, you moron) where EVERYONE and EVERYTHING play┬áby the rules. Reality has too much randomness, too much free spirit, too much unpredictability.

For instance, taking away people’s right to bear arms only works if NO ONE is a bad guy. In the real world, the natural world, there are bad guys. And when good guys are stripped of their ability to defend themselves, the bad guys win.


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There are Good Guys

by on Jul.16, 2015, under Principles, Truisms

And there are bad guys.

This distinction is important. But we’ve been blurring it over the last X years. “Why do you think we’re any better than them? We did slavery, and Jim Crow, and confederate flags, and gay bash, and on and on.” OK, so no one’s perfect. In the balance, I think the U.S experience has been, and could continue to be, exceptional. On any front you want to discuss, I’ll be glad to argue that the American approach is better.

There really are good guys and bad guys. And if we don’t include that in our mindset, we can make terrible decisions.

For instance, the U.S. is a good guy. Iran is a bad guy. Iran vows to wipe out Israel in its constitution! It’s clearly been supporting terrorism (e.g. Hezbollah). If you can’t even agree to that, there’s no point in trying to convince you of anything else.

If you can’t or aren’t willing to judge good and bad, there’s nothing that can be done.

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Yes, I Wish He’d Failed

by on Jul.15, 2015, under Do the Math, Truisms

Remember when Rush Limbaugh got in trouble for saying he wished Obama would fail? Well, Limbaugh did not get his wish. In fact, Obama has been miraculously successful at getting done what he wants to get done. Should what he wanted to get done surprise anyone? Not in the least. Some of us knew he was a radical leftist from the get-go. All the clues were there for anyone paying attention to see. If there was any doubt that this country was headed toward socialism (and worse), there is no doubt now. We took a very hard left with the Obama administration.

Few of us will be around long enough to see this all play out, to read the history books of the next century (assuming history is not re-written). I fear for my grandkids, and their grandkids. Nasty things happen in socialism, communism, fascism, etc. I’ve seen the pictures of the kids faces.

God help us all.

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