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Everyone OK?

by on Jan.27, 2016, under Uncategorized

It was 10 years ago today that Al Gore predicted the Earth had 10 years left before global warming (as it was referred to back then) would have scorched us out.

Can anyone name a doomsday prediction about any leftist nonsense (population, global warming, oil, etc.) that did come true? If you’re not paying attention to results, you are doomed to repeat being sucked into the nonsense, and dragging the rest of us with you. How many disastrous policies were put in place based at least in part on nonsense claims like this? Let me answer that. On a daily basis the economy is peppered with rules and regulations that do NOTHING other than stifle the economy. Because of that, a lot of poor people stay poor while the rich demagogues in power jet away to golf in Hawaii. The only thing that stands a chance of helping the poor (and everyone else, too) is a robust economy generating lots of wealth.

So, is everyone OK?

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Paying for Mistakes

by on Jan.26, 2016, under Consequences, Logic / Fallacies, Truisms

A Facebook post this morning said something <sarcasm>oh so meaningful</sarcasm> about how one should not have to pay for a mistake the rest of their life. A mistake just means we’re human.

So, assuming there is a cost associated with a mistake, who does get to pay for it until zeroed out? Parents? Siblings? Friends? Schools and/or Churches? Goverment? Society?

Sorry, Jack, you do get to pay for your mistakes. Whether accidental or intentional. Whether big or small. That’s why we (should) spend so much time raising children to learn what’s right and wrong and to appreciate the physics of careening downhill on two sticks of wood or carbon fiber. Consequences! The nasty bottom line is – even if you’re not to blame exactly, you get to pay for your own mistakes. Hopefully, folks learn their lessons early on in life when the costs are relatively cheap.

Well, maybe you can get someone else to pay. Ask a liberal. It won’t be┬áme if I can help it.

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Even God is Optional

by on Jan.20, 2016, under Uncategorized

For the life of me, I can’t figure out why people who hate big business love big government. At least with big business I can choose not to do business with them. Try choosing not to pay your taxes as a “customer” of government.

Even God gives each individual the option to do business with him. Or not.

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