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Nature Doesn’t Care

by on Jul.17, 2015, under Do the Math

And it’s not “Mother” Nature, either. Or if it is, she doesn’t give a rat’s you know what. Or maybe it’s “Nature’s a Mother”. In any case, nature goes where it goes. Survival of the fittest. Nor rules. Oh wait, there are some rules. Physics. And no second chances. Doesn’t matter if you show your work. If you get the right answer, you’re OK. If not, you’re dead – no need to review how you got to the wrong answer. Survival of the fittest. Unless there’s an asteroid impact. I guess you could say the asteroid was more fit.

Liberalism (socialism, communism, etc.) only works in a utopia (which doesn’t exist, can’t exist, you moron) where EVERYONE and EVERYTHING play┬áby the rules. Reality has too much randomness, too much free spirit, too much unpredictability.

For instance, taking away people’s right to bear arms only works if NO ONE is a bad guy. In the real world, the natural world, there are bad guys. And when good guys are stripped of their ability to defend themselves, the bad guys win.


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