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F is for Farmers

by on Apr.07, 2016, under Consequences, Do the Math

As in “F You!”, courtesy of the State of California. I realize most people don’t believe that California is headed in the wrong direction, disastrously, but it’s true nonetheless. Just do the math. Here’s a good article on the devastating effects the recent minimum wage hike will have on California farming communities (on the heels of other stupid environmental and economic legislated pressures). And the overtime pay increase. Ready for the Neo Dustbowl?


“You would think that such a valuable economic resource [farming] would be cherished, promoted and helped at every turn. After all, we are talking about producers of food – the most basic societal necessity along with water. Incredibly, that is not the case in California. Instead, the California farmer bears the brunt of many a legislative or regulatory bulldozer.”

“Keep in mind that the law [minimum wage hike] applies uniformly to the entire state. That is the very definition of irrational economics. Here is why: The law applies equally to San Francisco and Mendota.”

“The more something costs, the less of it is acquired. That basic law of economics applies to cars and jobs alike, and rakes its havoc on jobs and the minimally experienced after political laws are passed.”

“Why would the government union do that? That’s easy – according to the state’s Legislative Analyst Office, the minimum wage boost will result in $3.6 billion a year in increased wages for the public employee union workers – none of whom will lose their jobs because they are immune from market forces.” The government leviathan grows…

The article.

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