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Get Rich. And Quickly.

by on Feb.26, 2015, under Do the Math

It’s pretty clear to me that the American government is going to grow and grow and grow, and drift left and left and left as it does. “Regular Americans” are toast; actually, chattel. There will be the in-crowd rich, and there will be poor. And not much in between. The very principles that created a vibrant middle class, you know, the “old white guy” stuff from the 18th century (you might as well say Middle Ages to true believers), are in deep dog doodoo. Limited government, freedom, liberty, capitalism, you know, that stuff. It’s all going down the crapper at lightning speed.

I ponder every day whether the boat can be turned at this point. Lately, I answer myself with a no. What it’s going to take now is similar to what it takes for an addict. We’ve got to hit rock bottom before we wake up and do something about our plight (which we put ourselves in). That’ll take a while. We’ve created much wealth over the 250+ years, and it will take some time to deplete it all. But depleted it will become. Physics wins every time. So does doing the math.

Shortly after coming to this conclusion (and I go back and forth a lot), I get to the next logical spot. Get rich. Get rich ASAP. It’ll be your only defense.

To those who fought the good fight, good luck. To those who supported big government (knowingly or not), good luck at the Pearly Gates; you’ll need much.

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